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Exterior Home Services

912 HomeWorks is your local, proven expert when it comes to exterior home needs. We believe in providing quality craftsmanship while delivering exceptional customer service for all of our clients. Our services extend to a variety of projects, including: custom fencing, decks, windows, door and gutter installation, and screened porches. To learn more about the exterior home services available at 912 HomeWorks, please continue reading below. Also, feel free to call or contact us with further questions.


We install all types of fencing including wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum, in addition to custom requests. With specialized equipment and trained crews, most jobs are completed in a day saving time and headache for our clients.


We install wood and composite decking while incorporating the newest available products for special projects. When it comes to simple additions or elaborate designs, we have you covered from beginning to finish so our clients can enjoy carefree, outdoor living.


We install all types of replacement windows, and use preferred vendors from some of the best window brands in the industry. Our project managers are keen at factoring in location, type of siding, and budget to match our client’s home with the best solution available.


We install all types of doors including front entry, patio, sliding glass, fiberglass, and impact resistant, etc. We know doors and will make sure they have the specifications for safety, efficiency, and energy savings.


We install standard 6”, seamless gutters with over a dozen different colors to choose from in order to blend aesthetically with our client’s home as well as keeping their foundation and siding safe from the damaging effects of rainwater.

Screened Porch

We pride ourselves in being able to build our client’s dream outdoor sanctuary. We bring the outside in to help our homeowners enjoy comfort from the elements and family time in a beautifully designed outdoor space.

Fence by water


The right fence sets the boundaries of an outdoor oasis. There are plenty of factors that need to be understood before the install. These guidelines and descriptions will help before using our instant online quote tool to give the best and most accurate quote.


  • 6’ tall wood privacy (stockade) is approximately $14 L.F installed.  The wood stockade style is one of the most common installed fences. This fence is perfect for giving families the privacy and safety they deserve while keeping the project under budget

When installing this fence there are some things to keep in mind:
This type of fence will need to be stained or sealed every three years. After pickets shrink in the sun a for few days, the stockade style can leave small gaps between the boards.

If total privacy is a must:

  • A 6’ tall “board on board” wood fence is approximately $16 L.F. This style is a nice upgrade from the stockade style. It provides both privacy and it has nice aesthetics: However,  it will still require regular maintenance.

If pure aesthetics is more important:

  • A 6’ tall wood shadow box is approximately $16 per L.F. Often times this fence is known as the most aesthetically pleasing, and it is commonly required for HOA covenants because of its look. Although the gaps are actually the largest of all the wood fences, they allow air penetration thus making this choice great for areas with high wind loads.


At Hudson Fence Supply, Our Residential Aluminum Fence product line is fabricated from 6063 series aluminum alloy material and is a rust-free product. This makes our residential aluminum fence perfect for installations around pools and other wet areas. Our products are coated using PPG® TGIC polyester powder coating for superior durability that ensures a lasting maintenance-free finish. Our powder coating meets the AAMA 2604 standard. Our screws are hardened 410 stainless steel with Cr6 plating and colored heads. We offer 5 styles to choose from, all of which have at least one height that meets B.O.C.A. Pool Code regulations.

  • Residential Aluminum Fencing Offered in 5 Styles, Several Heights with Multiple Picket Configurations
  • O.C.A. Pool Code Fencing Offered in ALL Styles
  • Residential Aluminum Single Gates in Straight Top and Arched Top Styles, Offered in Several Heights & Widths
  • Residential Aluminum Double Gates in Rainbow Top and Estate Top Styles, Offered in Several Heights & Widths
  • Hardware and Accessories
  • Carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty


Our Vinyl product line is fabricated from high-grade PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and is also a rust-free product, making it perfect for installations around pools and other wet areas. We offer several privacy, semi-privacy and picket styles, all of which have at least one height that meets B.O.C.A. Pool Code regulations.

  • Never Needs Painting or Staining
  • Superior Designs: Engineered to Last
  • Carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to Install
  • Designed to meet building code requirements
  • Safe to Use and Friendly to the Environment
  • High impact resistance and ultraviolet inhibitors provide you with many years of worry free service

Hudson Fence Supply

Stained Deck


Decks are usually considered the showpiece or centerpiece of the yard and rightfully so. Decks provide most of the outdoor fun and entertainment, and they can bring the outdoors in which is a popular trend in today’s design. For these reasons, it is so important to maximize beauty and design for the enjoyment of the entire family.

Treated Lumber

Wood decking will always be the staple of outdoor living. This material is the least expensive and fastest way to make decking dreams come true. When it comes to materials, wood decking has a lot of flexibility and the possibilities are limitless. Even though wood will need to be retreated or painted every few years, wood decking gives you the most flexibility when it comes to color and finish options. And if one decides to change it in the future, this change can be done easily by a home exterior professional.

Composite Decking

More than 20 years ago, Trex revolutionized the industry by introducing high performance, an eco-friendly alternative to wood decking.  Today Trex offers more ways than ever to live outdoors, whether you’re building on a budget or seeing your biggest, boldest idea through.  It’s never been easier to make the Trex decision that’s right for you.  You could build your deck with any number of materials.  But why would you, when Trex decking and railing consistently out decks wood and other alternative products?


  • Beautifully withstands years of sun, sleet, and snow.
  • Cleans easily with soap and water for low maintenance.
  • 25-year limited residential fade and stain warranties.
  • Made of 95% recycled materials.
  • Doesn’t rot, warp, or splinter.
  • Won’t fade or stain.
  • Doesn’t need seasonal painting, sealing, or staining.
  • Won’t attract termites.


Large house with windows


Window replacement is the most unique home renovation possible simply because there is no other upgrade that provides the greatest value to a home. Here are just a few reasons homeowners with older windows should be considering upgrading their windows this season. For starters, windows easily have one of the biggest impacts on the aesthetics of a home both on the exterior and the interior. Secondly, the average energy lost in most homes is between 5-20% due to outdated windows. Obviously, with that amount of energy inefficiency, the air conditioner is running harder to compensate for the lost energy in leaking out of these windows. Finally, operational effectiveness rounds out the top three. Old, worn-out windows can be frustrating to open and shut properly. Whether its opening a window to let the air in or opening it to clean, a properly working window will improve quality of life. In conclusion, new window replacement gives the home monetary and aesthetic value, saves the homeowner money, and makes home life easier and more enjoyable. 912 Home Works offers a full-line of proven, reputable replacement windows and installation pros to make this job an easy, convenient one.

Our automatic quoting tool quotes a window manufactured by Atrium windows. They are backed with a transferable (one time if you sell your home) limited lifetime warranty by Atrium Windows including:

  • Transferable Lifetime warranty on glass breakage (If a football goes through a window or a rock kicks up while cutting the grass we will send you a new sash to replace). Transferable Lifetime on Insulated Glass, Screen, Parts and Components, Hardware and Vinyl.

The typical lifetime of window manufacturer is 4 and ½ years. Atrium windows (912 HomeWorks manufacture of windows) have been around for over 70 years. This means the warranty will be valid for a lifetime. We back our product so much that we put a serial ID on every window to identify every single window out of our factory.

Atrium Windows and Doors

Wooden front door of house


Things to Consider:

Your front entryway is one of the biggest style statements your home can make. So whether you’re building new or remodeling, you want to feel confident you’ve selected the perfect style for you. We provide products with such a wide variety of styles and configurations that you’re sure to find several that you love. How to choose? We’ll guide you through some of the style factors to consider in designing your new door.

Your Home Style

Is your house traditional or modern? Low Country or coastal? Every home has an architectural style, and one of the easiest ways to get a great-looking entry is to select a door that suits your home’s design characteristics. You may already know that you want a wood-grain finish in a mahogany stain to match your shutters. Or a smooth-finished door painted a pop of bright red to complement the ceramic flower pots that grace your porch.

Boost Curb Appeal

Although you may not be thinking about selling now, keep in mind that your new door may boost your home’s perceived value if you do decide to sell later.

Choosing a Durable Door

Kids, pets, and neighbors come and go all day long. Which means that when it comes to your new door, reliability and durability matters. Here are some of the factors you’ll want to consider when choosing a door.

The Fiberglass Difference

Fiberglass doors look like wood, but they don’t warp or rot like wood, or dent or rust like steel. In fact, a fiberglass door needs only a fraction of the maintenance wood and steel doors do. And the inside of a Therma-Tru fiberglass door is filled with an exceptional heat- and cold-resistant material that helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Engineered to Work Together

More than just a beautiful door. It’s a complete door system made to perform as well as it looks. Unlike many door companies, we make or recommend every aspect – from the glass to the hinges – to ensure durability and reliability through the years.

Tested for Endurance

Go ahead and slam the door if you want. We did – over and over – to make sure our doors, glass, and parts live up to your toughest expectations. We expose them to extreme weather conditions. We roll heavy objects over our sills. We immerse parts with metal finishes in corrosive salt atmospheres. And we expose them to ultraviolet (UV) light to make sure our weather sealing parts and metal finishes can resist deteriorating and color fading in the sun.

Raise Your Glass

How you configure your entry is another way to control your level of privacy. Selecting a door style in which the glass is placed above eye-level is an option that welcomes light while limiting the view from outside. And if a solid door makes you feel even more secure, consider adding a transom (a horizontal window above the door) to your configuration to raise the glass even higher.

Security and Privacy Factors

Security and privacy are high on everyone’s list of priorities when selecting a door, but no one wants to sacrifice great style to achieve them. With our system, you don’t have to. Since your preferences might be different from your neighbor’s, you have many ways to customize your options. Here are some of the security and privacy factors you’ll want to consider as you design your new entry.



Rain affects our homes in many different ways. Surface level effects can include water infiltration into doors and windows, dirt and grime splashed up on the walls and even rotting fascia that is constantly exposed. More insidious effects can include excess seepage into the surrounding soil. This seepage could cause topsoil erosion, triggering grass and plant removal, but also eventual foundation problems if left unchecked. Gutters could be the answer to water issues, but definitively establishing if you need them is key. In order to do this, the pros and cons of having gutters must be weighed. If a decision is then made to install gutters, it is also helpful to examine certain factors to consider when choosing the right gutters for your home.

Let’s start with the bad first, just to get that out of the way.

Cons of Having Gutters

  • Aesthetics– Gutters change the look of your home, often dramatically. While some people think gutters diminish appearance, the good news is that styles, materials, and installation techniques have evolved rapidly over the years and homeowners have never before had as many options as there are available today.
  • Continued Maintenance– Because gutters are usually left open, in their base configuration, leaves, small branches, insects and occasionally even small animals can accumulate or nest over time. These obstructions can sometimes cause water backups or even a breaking away of the gutter system from the home. Optimistically, however, it is a lot less inexpensive to clean out your gutters than it is to have foundation or roof repairs due to water damage.

Now let’s focus on the benefits of installing gutters on your home, which are many.

Pros of Having Gutters

  • Peace of Mind– Having a gutter system gives an extra layer of protection against the damage caused by rainwater. Foundation issues can be considerably reduced because the gutter system is designed to disperse water out and away from the home, instead of letting it fall and pool at the base.
  • Keeping Your Home Clean– Aside from greatly reducing the chances of erosion and foundation issues, gutters also help maintain appearance by keeping mud and debris from splashing up onto the baseline of the exterior walls.
  • Helping the Environment– Gutters reduce runoff that can be harmful to plants and grass in its path through soil erosion.

Screened Porch

Screened Porch

In our unique southern climate, a screened porch is a must. These outdoor spaces can give shelter from the heat and protect homeowners from pesky insects. Add a big, outdoor ceiling fan and enjoy the added benefit of a cool breeze. All one needs now is a tall glass of sweet, iced tea to really get the most out of their new screened porch.


Our screens stand up to the elements and the occasional roughhousing from kids.  Look at installing one of our screen rooms. These products are infused with microban making them resistant to mold and mildew which can wear away at your screen over time.


For better daytime privacy on screened-in porches, pool enclosures and to guard against noisy neighbors, our screens are made from tightly woven mesh in a variety of materials.


If maintaining a view of your surroundings is important, our line of screens offer greater outward visibility. Stay protected from insects while enjoying a crystal clear view.

Pet protection

Made from pet safe materials, our pet screens are able to withstand clawing and pawing from the most excitable cats and dogs. Our tear resistant screens keep bugs out and prevent wild animals like squirrels and raccoons from getting in.

Protection from insects

In our area there are many insects such as noseeums, sand flies, and gnats, crickets, grasshoppers, stink bugs, centipedes, etc. Our screens keep pests out of your home.

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