Patios extend a homes living and entertaining space, regardless of the simplicity or lavishness.

Adding a roof to the patio can further increase the patios function so it can be used in more types of weather and climates. Various factors should be considered prior to making a roof addition on a patio. Some of the most important considerations include material type and cost.


Engineered for performance, designed for the ultimate in strength, and manufactured to exacting standards, aluminum patio covers, deck covers, and carports have proven their ability to provide you with long-lasting, year-round protection from the elements.  With several options to choose from, don’t settle for a cover that is simply functional, invest in a cover today that is designed around your needs and built to your complete satisfaction.

Price per sqft: $9


Patio covers from Renaissance not only hold their good looks but will stay strong in Georgia’s sun, heat and wind.

Guests will love spending time in your new patio and you will too. The powder coating really holds up in the elements and the perfect fit of the nylon coating and screw heads leave a clean and professional look. What’s best, they all match the color of the framing.

Renaissance patio covers are loaded with the features every homeowner wants and are also surprisingly affordable.

  1. High strength, insulated aluminum roof panels
  2. Sculpted header
  3. Sculpted posts
  4. Custom post covers
  5. Custom gutter system
  6. Strong, but simple connections

Price per sqft: $32

Moderno patio and screen room

Clean lines, modern design, and a major step up from the plain old patio roof gives your home a high-end look and feel without the high-end price tag. 

  1. High strength, insulated panels 
  2. Sculpted header
  3. Sculpted post 
  4. Custom post covers 
  5. Custom gutter system 
  6. Strong but simple connections

Price per sq. ft. attached $19.00


Keeping your patio light, bright, airy, AND dry is now possible, thanks to the Fresco Patio Cover. Incorporating a decorative translucent pearl, polycarbonate roofing system means your patio can have 70% of the suns light pass right through, while keeping out the rain and reducing heat transfer into the space by up to 30%.

  1. Pergola trusses provide a beautiful, natural look
  2. Polycarbonate roofing lets in just the right amount of sun and keeps out the rain.
  3. Sculpted header
  4. Sculpted posts
  5. Custom Post covers
  6. Strong, but simple connections

Price per sqft: $35


A decorative framed look, aluminum simplicity and price you will love, means your patio can be both beautiful, and practical. Add decorative aluminum truss ends to provide that extra touch that most patios are missing, and at the same price point as the “Aluminum-Wood” type products. 

  1. Decorative truss ends provide a wood framed look and decorative appeal
  2. High strength, insulated aluminum roof panels
  3. Sculpted header 
  4. Sculpted posts
  5. Custom post covers
  6. Custom gutter system
  7. Strong, but simple connections

Aria Shade
Trellis and Pergola

The Aria shade trellis was designed from the ground up to serve two purposes, first, to be a stunning work of art in your backyard, and second, to provide shade so you can enjoy the outdoors all summer long. The Aria shade trellis, although it looks similar to a wooden shade trellis, incorporates high strength, low maintenance extruded aluminum as you can spend your weekends enjoying yourself, instead of repainting.

  1. Pergola trusses provide a beautiful, natural look
  2. Shade tubes allow for up to 60% shade, to keep you and your guests cool
  3. Sculpted header
  4. Sculpted posts
  5. Custom post covers
  6. Strong, but simple connections

Price per sq. ft. $21.00 installed attached

Color options white and bronze

Dolche Screen

Designed from the ground up to be the most attractive screen walls system on the planet, the Dolce hides all of the screws and fasteners that make a standard screen wall look like an erector set.

  1. Concealed fasteners at all connections keep your screen walls clean and spotless looking
  2. Heavy-gauge aluminum extrusion is 50% thicker than standard screen framing, which gives your patio a much stronger feel
  3. Configure your screen walls to be fully open, or add a chair rail to give them a more traditional feel
  4. High strength, designer screen doors can handle abuse and can last for a lifetime

PRICE PER sq. ft. $7.00

Color option white and bronze


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