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Living in a historical city with such vast beauty, 912 HomeWorks understands what it means to maintain historical aesthetics. Being located in the heart of downtown Savannah we’ve worked on countless homes, helping to restore them, while still maintaining every bit of history. Moreover, being the metropolitan area that Savannah is, 912 HomeWorks also specializes in many other outdoor home improvements. We are a leading fence company and are also the only certified Trex composite decking installer in the Chatham county area.

Call us at (912) 447-3307 when you want to start the process of installing your new home improvement, or if you prefer to schedule and learn more on your own time; try using our free and instant online quote process if you want to get a better idea of pricing and visualize your future home improvement before contacting us!

If you’re not quite sure what your exterior home improvement needs are, then keep reading. Below you will find a handy overview and a list or two that will help you get a better understand of us and what we can do for you.

What 912 HomeWorks Offers Savannah

We specialize in custom replacement windows for older homes that want to keep the history alive while gaining some energy efficiency and diminishing that hefty power bill. Being so close to the coast, we specialize in hurricane windows and shutters installations to help protect your home.  

We offer Savannah our entire line of home improvement products and services. That’s everything from your favorite kind of fence to a perfect screened porch that you will love spending the evenings in. We even install windows, just in case you wanted to have a solid barrier between you and those pesky gnats and mosquitoes.

Our entire line of products is made with high-quality materials so you know our installations are made to last. In fact, each product comes with its own warranty and service guarantee so you can be sure that your installations are here for a good time as well as a long time.

Below is a list of the type of fences we install, and also an overview of some of our other services.

Some of Our Most Popular Fences

  • Wood Fences:
    We offer some of the best wood fences that are on this side of the Mississippi, in three different styles too! You can choose to get a stockade style fence that looks great and allows plenty of vision and sunshine to pass through it. Also available is the shadowbox fence variety of wooden fences, it adds privacy and also allows wind to pass through making it great for extremely windy area. In addition to these fences, we also carry board on board fences, or privacy fences, that are 6’ tall and looks great in any yard.
  • Aluminum Fences:
    Aluminum fences are some of the best fences that are available on the market. Not only do they look great and add elegance to whatever property they are installed on, but they add an extra layer of security to the premises as well. In addition to all of these great qualities, aluminum is also naturally resistant to the effect of rust decay, so you know your fence will be standing tall and proud for a long time.
  • Vinyl Fences:
    Vinyl fences look great in combination with any garden or cottage house property. They last longer than wood fences, they are on the more economic side of the cost scale, and vinyl fences come in a variety of styles. Not only that, but they never need to be stained or treated for pests. If you’re looking for a fence that is worth your time, then consider a timeless picket fence made of long-lasting vinyl.

Some Other Services We Offer

Fences aren’t the only thing that we offer at 912 HomeWorks. Check out some of our other services that are popular in the Savannah metropolitan area.

    • Treated Lumber Decking
    • Composite Decking
    • Replacement Windows
    • Privacy Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Wood Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Vinyl Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Chain link Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Aluminum Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Door Replacement
    • Gutter repair and replacement
    • Siding

    All of these services mentioned above and more are offered from the 912 HomeWorks company to the Savannah area. If you don’t see the type of fence you want or need a similar service to the ones listed, then please give us a call.

    You can contact us at (912)447-3307, or you can check out our free instant quote you can get online.


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