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If there’s an area where 912 HomeWorks specializes in the most, it’s Rincon, Georgia. We started installing in Rincon over 13 years ago and have no plans on slowing down, just like the development of the city itself.  We’ve watched Rincon manifest into metropolitan area it is today and have learned to work in a place growing as fast as it has. Between the different types of soil in new developments, to some of their strict HOA requirements, we’ll help you every step of the way from getting permits before the installation, to coming out for fence repair over a year after.

Call us at (912) 447-3307 when you want to start the process of installing your new home improvement, or if you prefer to schedule and learn more on your own time; try using our free and instant online quote process if you want to get a better idea of pricing and visualize your future home improvement before contacting us!

Just in case you aren’t quite sure what we can do for you, we have prepared a quick overview and a few short lists to help you get a better idea of what we offer as a company, and how we can make sure that your 912 HomeWorks for you!

Home Improvement Possibilities in Rincon

At 912 HomeWorks we understand how difficult it can be to find affordable pricing from fence contractors that also do what they say.  That’s why we price match, have an instant online quote tool, and offer financing so you don’t have to make 1 large deposit; instead you can break it down to payments that work for your family. Not only do we offer financing for fences, but also window replacements, deck installations, door removals and replacements, and much more. 912 HomeWorks is also the only certified Trex composite decking contractor in the Effingham and Chatham county area.

All of our products are made with high-grade materials and are backed by individual warranties. This means that everything you get from the professionals at 912 HomeWorks is sure to provide great satisfaction. This includes professional installations as well as all of the appropriate guarantees and warranties that accompany each of our products and services.

Take a look below for a list of some of our most popular fences in Rincon, as well as a generalized list of most of our services.

Regularly Purchased Fences In Rincon

  • Chain Link Fences:
    Chain link fences are one of the most commonly installed fences in the United States. It’s pretty much the jack of all trades when it comes to fencing, meaning that it’s pretty much good for any occasion. Economical, quick to install, and easy to maintain, chain link fences are a great choice for any property owner.
  • Privacy Fences:
    912 HomeWorks offers a few varieties of privacy fences. If you’re looking to go with a classic look, then think about getting a 6ft tall wooden board by board or shadowbox style fence. If you’re looking for something a little easier to maintain, consider a vinyl privacy fence. Easy to maintain, easy to clean, and long-lasting, vinyl makes a great choice for any privacy fence.
  • Aluminum Fences:
    Aluminum fences are some of the best fences available on the market these days. Elegant, strong, and naturally resistant to the damages of rust decay, aluminum fences are definitely the way to go if you’re looking to impress. What could be more appealing in a fence than beauty and utility.

Some of Our Other Services

Don’t let our affinity for fences fool you. We are fully capable and happily offer a variety of other exterior home improvement services. Take a look for yourself!

    • Treated Lumber Decking
    • Composite Decking
    • Replacement Windows
    • Privacy Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Wood Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Vinyl Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Chain link Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Aluminum Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
    • Door Replacement
    • Gutter repair and replacement
    • Siding

Contact us at (912)447-3307 for any and all of your questions about our products, services, or us.


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