Hurricane Windows and Shutters

When it comes to protecting what matters most in your life – your family, your home and your business – you should demand the highest quality products you can find. When families and businesses look to protect their investments, they look to 912 HomeWorks. Contact us today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the best in storm protection.


During a storm, if a building is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the structure and cause an increase in air pressure. This vacuum effect could lift the roof and collapse the walls. Laminated glass helps preserve the structure, keeping wind and other elements outside. Similar to the glass used in car windshields and aircraft windows, 8800’s insulating glass features an impact-resistant plastic interlayer that is bonded between two pieces of glass under heat and pressure. The interlayer remains adhered to the glass fragments and resists penetration, even if the glass pane is broken – protecting against flying debris and hurricane-force winds. In addition, laminated glass also guards against forced entry – resisting repeated impacts from hammers, bricks or similar weapons. 

  • Heavy Duty 3 ¼” Frame
  • Strategically Reinforced Vinyl Extrusions
  • Strong Thick-walled Vinyl Profiles
  • Precision-mitered, Fusion-welded Frames and Sash
  • Sealed, Multi-hollow Chambers
  • Dual-pane 1″ Impact-resistant Laminated Glass
  • Standard, Energy-efficient Low E / Argon
  • Architecturally-beveled Vinyl Profiles
  • Corrosion-resistant Components
  • High-performance Glazing Compound


When durability, practicality and ease of operation are important to you, Eyewall Armor® Colonial Shutters are a perfect choice. These shutters are made of top-quality components and hardware that is designed to deliver the utmost in storm protection and security. They can be operated easily by one person, and close neatly & quietly over windows to offer additional protection and privacy.

  • Virtually maintenance -free operation
  • Available in the following color options: Beige, black, bronze, blue, burgundy, Charleston green, Hunter green, and white
  • Aesthetically pleasing with architectural appeal
  • Superior hurricane protection
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Ideal light and sound control
  • Increased property value
  • Professional in-house customer service and technical support
  • Homeowner friendly lock-down procedure
  • Sliding mount allows for inside locking – ideal for 2nd story applications
  • Hybrid option allows both patented articulating louvers & solid louvers in the same frame
  • Hinged models feature solid 7/16″ high strength aluminum hinge pin

PRICE PER SQ FT. $47.00  

Bahama Shutters

To add a stylish touch with a tropical flavor to your home or business, look no further than Eyewall Armor® FullView Bahama Shutters. These shutters offer superior and reliable storm protection against the worst storm conditions, including high winds and flying debris, with simple and minimal preparation. Their decorative appeal also makes windows appear larger and gives a stylish presence to residential or commercial buildings.

  • Available in a 2” (FullView) or 4” blade (Ultraview)
  • Available in the following color options: Beige, black, bronze, blue, burgundy, Charleston green, Hunter green, and white
  • Only impact Bahama shutter with an articulating blade (can control light coming into home/view)
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Convenient light, ventilation and privacy control
  • Classic plantation style look
  • Theft deterrent
  • Can lock from the interior (within minutes, no more ladders)
  • Also available in a decorative option (non-impact grade)



Storm Panels

Eyewall Armor® StormLoc™ panels are ready to take on even the most extreme weather conditions. They have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of 180mph.

  • Unparalleled Hurricane Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Cost effective 
  • Easy installation 
  • Added property value
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Multiple track options
  • A wide selection of color options – panels available in MillFinish, Galvanized  and tracks are available in White or Bronze
  • Professional in-house customer service and technical support
  • Patented clear metal clear applications



  • Natural nylon is translucent which transmits light into the structure avoiding the blackout closed-in feeling when deployed 
  • High strength coated nylon fiber weave with U.V. coating on both sides 
  • Fabric can be cut with good quality shears available at many office and fabric supply stores • Nylon one-piece clips securely retain fabric with only 3 #14 x 3/4” screws
  • Easily cut to match arched, round and irregular window shapes
  • Cover garage openings using a 2 x 2 x .125 removable angle at bottom 
  • Maximum pressure is +-60 PSF at 120” span • Available by the roll, lineal foot and square foot 
  • Rolls or folds up for compact storage • Lightweight for rapid one person emergency deployment  

PRICE PER SQ FT. $14.00 


Engineered to be the best, our 44mm End Retention Roll Down Hurricane Shutters are designed for strength and beauty. The beauty is in the versatility of our system which offers a wide array of motors and electronics that will seamlessly integrate your system providing comfort and convenience 146.5 inches max width (Largest Span in the industry)

  • Nylon end guides attached with aluminum rivets to avoid dissimilar metal reaction (Prevents unit failure)
  • Ultra quiet operation (quiet motor)
  • Come with manual crank (Able to retract after hurricane if power is out)
  • Does not only serve as hurricane protection, adds security to your home
  • Be ready for hurricane with a press of a button
  • Sleek and beautiful appearance



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