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912 HomeWorks has been installing in Guyton for over 13 years. We understand the different soil levels, the neighborhoods HOA requirements, and also the privacy that many Guyton residents seek.  Whether it’s replacement windows, a deck, patio, fence, or any other exterior renovation we offer financing for all installations and the best warranties in the business. 

Call us at (912) 447-3307 when you want to start the process of installing your new home improvement, or if you prefer to schedule and learn more on your own time; try using our free and instant online quote process if you want to get a better idea of pricing and visualize your future home improvement before contacting us!

Having difficulties deciding on what you want for your home or property? We can help! Below you can find some more information about the products we work with, in addition to some of the services we provide to the Guyton area.

Home Improvement Possibilities in Guyton

At 912 HomeWorks we understand how difficult it can be to find affordable pricing from fence contractors that also do what they say.  That’s why we price match, have an instant online quote tool, and offer financing so you don’t have to make 1 large deposit; instead you can break it down to payments that work for your family.  Not only do we offer financing for fences, but also window replacements, deck installations, door removals and replacements, and much more. Not to mention we’re the only certified Trex composite decking contractor in the Effingham and Chatham county area. 

Need more information before you decide to dive headfirst into such a big and important project as your home satisfaction? No need to worry, we’ve got some more handy information about the products we use and the installations we offer.

Take a look below and you’ll be able to get a better idea of what 912 HomeWorks does as a fencing and home improvement company.

Some of Our Available Fences

  • Economical Chain Link Fences:
    Chain link fences are a very popular choice when it comes to fencing options for American property owners. Chain link fences are not only on the cheaper side of production costs, but you give up very little to get there. Strong, quick to install, and very simple to maintain, chain link fences are definitely a good match for almost any property.
  • Amazing Aluminum Fences:
    Aluminum fences are one of the best options available on the American fence markets. Not only are they very easy on the eyes, but they are extremely strong and durable too! Resistant to the effects of rust decay, and stronger than most of the other fencing alternatives, an aluminum fence is sure to be a great fit for you and your yard.
  • Long-Lasting Vinyl Fences:
    Vinyl fences are a very good choice for almost any yard. Vinyl not only looks good, but it does so for a very long time. No need to keep repainting it every two years, or staining it every three, your vinyl fence will only need a simple wash to keep the dirt off of it, and a wipe if you’re feeling extra clean.

More 912 HomeWorks Installations

We install a fair amount of fences, but we also do other exterior home improvements in the Guyton area. Take a look at some of the popular installation and warranty-backed services we offer!

  • Treated Lumber Decking
  • Composite Decking
  • Replacement Windows
  • Privacy Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Wood Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Vinyl Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Chain link Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Aluminum Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Door Replacement
  • Gutter repair and replacement
  • Siding

Call us at (912)447-3307 for any questions about our products or services.


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