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912HomeWorks originated in Bloomingdale, GA and understands what it means to install there after doing so for over 13 years.  Whether it’s a privacy fence, a pressure treated deck, or any other exterior renovation, we’ve got you covered in Bloomingdale the surrounding areas. 

Call us at (912)447-3307 when you want to start the process of installing your new home improvement, or you would prefer you can use our free and instant online quote process if you want to have a better idea of our quotes before you call.

912 HomeWorks offers a huge selection of products and services. Continue reading to learn more about the services and products that we offer, as well as a little bit more about us as a company.

Home Improvement Possibilities in Bloomingdale

At 912 HomeWorks we understand how difficult it can be to find affordable pricing from contractors that also do what they say.  That’s why we price match, have an instant online quote tool, and offer financing so you don’t have to make 1 large deposit; instead you can break it down to payments that work for your family.  Not only do we offer financing for fences, but also window replacements, deck installations, door removals and replacements, and much more. 912 HomeWorks is also the only certified trex composite decking contractor in the Effingham and Chatham county area. 

When you work with 912 HomeWorks, you can be sure that you will be fully satisfied with your home improvement no matter if it’s a fence or a fancy new porch. This is because we only use the best products around, and we install all of them with professional precision that can only be obtained by having years of experience.

Below here you can find a short but detailed list about some of the fences we offer in the Bloomingdale area and an even shorter list that covers the rest of our services. Feel free to take a look.

Some Beautiful Fences Available in Bloomingdale

  • Handy Chain Link Fences:
    Chain link fences are the type of fence that suits just about every task and does it well too. They can provide extra security with the added benefit of being extremely low maintenance. With so many different heights and accessories, it’s sometimes a difficult choice on what kind of chain link fence to get, but sometimes too many options is a good thing.
  • Wooden Privacy Fences:
    912 Homeworks also offers the Bloomingdale area an assortment of wood privacy fences. From shadowbox to regular board by board installations, we’ve got your fence as good as done.
  • Alluring Aluminum Fences:
    Aluminum fences are some of the best products on the market. Hardy, elegant, and even resistant to the effects of rust decay, aluminum fences are terrific additions to any residential or commercial property.

More of Our Installations in Your Area

Now that you have seen some of our most popular installations in your area, take a look at a few other warranty-backed services we offer.

  • Treated Lumber Decking
  • Composite Decking
  • Replacement Windows
  • Privacy Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Wood Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Vinyl Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Chain link Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Aluminum Fence (multiple colors, styles, and heights)
  • Door Replacement
  • Gutter repair and replacement
  • Siding

Don’t forget to call us at (912)447-3307 for any questions you might have about our products or the services we offer.


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