“What the heck is a screen room?” and no, it’s not a room where you go to watch movies.

A screen room is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while being totally protected from pesky bugs, rain, and harmful sunrays.

Read on to find out why you absolutely must have your own. 


A screen room, also called a screen porch, is the perfect combination of being outdoors and still having the protection of the indoors.

Whether choosing to add on to existing structures such as a patio or deck, or building from scratch, a screen room offers the joyance of the outdoors, without the annoyances.

With just a couple of small tweaks, your little oasis can be enjoyed in both the summer and winter (ceiling fan or outdoor heater).

The extra space this room provides can easily be transformed into whatever space you need at any given time.

If you select durable furniture with plenty of built-in storage, this is a cinch! 

Popular Uses

  1.     Seating – With just a few comfy cushions, small couches, or chairs you’ve got the perfect outdoor entertainment spot to enjoy some fresh air!
  1.     Dining – On the days when the weather is just too nice to miss out on, a screen room makes the perfect dining location. It’s also the ideal spot to keep an eye on your grill station.
  1.     Work – If you work from home and just simply need a change of scenery, this could work out great for you! A nice, big, long-lasting outdoor chair and table might be your new best friend. 
  1.     Entertainment – Many families use their screen rooms to “screen” movie nights together. Place around a couple of board games or add a pool table, and you’ve got yourself the perfect spot for hours of fun. 
  1.     Sleeping – If you want to camp out without having to worry about a sudden downpour or mosquitoes, a screen porch is a great solution. On nights when it’s too hot to sleep inside, you’ve now got a safe alternative. 

Things to Keep in Mind 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box regarding the design of your screen room. However, keep in mind a few specific details when planning your newest room. 

  1.     Space – This is important to determine how your room will be used, make sure to build it large enough. Be sure to not go overboard on furniture; a big room can quickly be overfilled. 
  1.     Keep in mind what your home already looks like. Your screen porch should not appear as an afterthought, rather it should look like it belongs there. Also, keep in mind privacy. No one enjoys peeping neighbors. 
  1.     The most important aspect to consider is safety. Locks and latches are crucial to keeping children and pets safe. Also, think about the height of walls to provide both security and privacy.
  1.     Finally, rain protection! Low-maintenance materials such as aluminum work best for this type of structure as they won’t rust, melt, sag, or fade. Such a durable material will last you for a long time. 


Now is the best time to consider building your own screen room! If you’re ready for your next project, designing a screen porch could be just the thing for you and we can help.

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