Have you been “on the fence” about putting up a fence around your backyard, or putting off repairs for the one you already have?

This is your sign to change that. Here are all the reasons why you should install a fence around your Coastal Empire home.

Also, if you live in Savannah, GA and know you want and need a fence already, save time and energy with our fence estimate calculator tool, simply use it to draw around your home and we’ll give you a quote on the spot!


Without fencing to obscure the view into your backyard, anyone can see and enter it without your knowledge. This can be bothersome, as well as a breach of your privacy.

A fence installation would secure your privacy and give you peace of mind. It can also double as an added value if you’re attempting to sell your home.


Fences can also give you peace of mind for security. It’s important to feel safe in your home, whether or not you live in an area prone to break-ins.

There’s a variety of different security fences, from wood to plastic to metal and so forth. 

Property Lines

Whether it’s because of lawsuits or just to know how far to put your garden, knowing where your property starts and ends are vital.

Fences are a good way to mark the boundary and help you easily avoid any legal repercussions.

This will also help you if you’re doing outdoor home renovations, to know where the property lines stop. 

Children & Pet Safety

When living near a busy street, a fence installation is a good way to ensure the safety of any children in the home.

If you have pets, specifically a dog, this can also create a comforting environment for you and your neighbors.

Wandering dogs can create conflicts with other pets, especially if those animals wander onto your property.

Decorative Purposes

Fences can also be used as ornamentals, adding prestige and style to your home.

There’s a variety of fence styles to choose from, fitting whatever aesthetic you aim for.

A nice fence can add to your house’s value and give a stronger sense of home.