During the summer in Savannah, GA the most popular spot becomes the deck.

Just like any other part of the house, it requires regular maintenance. The most common issues that arise, particularly in wooden decks, are water damage, rot, and fading color.

Taking the initiative to care for your deck can help avoid any long-term problems and keep it looking just as nice as the rest of your home.

Water Damage

Over time, decks become susceptible to water damage due to the accumulation of moisture being absorbed into the wood.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can create further issues if left unaddressed, such as impacting the strength and resistance of the boards that make up the deck’s support.

When having a deck professionally installed, have the contractor seal it with a water-resistant formula to avoid this. To check if a new coat is needed, simply pour some water and watch to see if it seeps into the wood. If it beads, you’re safe. If not, time to reseal.

Clean the deck properly and replace any damaged or warped boards before sealing.

Wood Rot

Rot is common in wooden decks, occurring most often around spots that are difficult to properly seal: corners, railings, and stairs. It’s easy to spot, as the wood will start to fall apart from the edges of the boards or posts.

Walk the perimeter of the deck in search of the damaged spots and any visible causes. Often, it’s a simple fix— an issue with the gutters or a sprinkler system that sprays on a particular spot of your deck.

Once you find the problem, replace any rotten boards, posts, and beams, and reseal for future protection.

Other Common Issues for decks

Another issue that can arise is board gaps, normally caused by damp wood shrinking as they dry, resulting in empty spaces in your deck. A way to prevent this is to make sure the wood is dry before installation.

However, if it’s already occurred and the gaps are wider than three-sixteenth of an inch, they’ll need to be replaced to avoid tripping and falling.

Structural weakness can occur from an improper installation or fastening, or just the results of aging. Fading color is not the most serious problem—resulting from weather exposure, debris, or aging—but it impacts the look of your deck.

It’s an easy fix, you can use wood cleaner, paint, or stain to restore the color.  Protruding nails are also another simple issue that can be solved by hammering the nails back in or replacing them with screws.

Some things can be avoided in maintenance, but even if things still go wrong, there’s always a way to fix it to keep your deck looking as nice as the rest of your home.

Decks in Savannah, GA and The Coastal Empire

If you live in The Coastal Empire which includes areas like Pooler, Guyton, Richmond Hill, Isle of Hope, and others then you already know how important they are.

In the Spring, Summer, and the start of Fall when the weather is lovely is when you’ll want to build a deck and when you’ll enjoy it the most. If you or someone you know is looking to install one, try our calculator to receive a free custom estimate.