912 HomeWorks is excited to announce our partnership with Renaissance Patio to help bring customers interested in expanding their outdoor living space the highest end of patio products while remaining within their budget. Based out of Florida, we knew Renaissance would be the perfect partner because of their similar mindset which is to install the best products possible with careful attention to aesthetic as their guiding principle. Renaissance says, “We discovered that by using higher quality materials with less labor spent in handling, simpler and stronger connections, and more efficient manufacturing processes, we could offer patio covers that exceeded expectations, while keeping prices at a level nearly anyone can afford”.

Southern Georgia and Florida having similar weather conditions was yet another reason we knew Renaissance would be the best partner to help serve the 912 area. All products are engineered to withstand up to 175mph winds so durability is the least of a customers worries. Moreover, a no-maintenance powder coat is applied to all products to resist cracking, peeling, and chalking which helps to create lasting beauty.
Renaissance offers a wide of range of products available for installation by a 912 certified contractor. Patio covers, gazebos, screen rooms, sunrooms and, pergolas give customers an array of ideas to choose from. A screened room to keep the party in and unwanted guests such as mosquitoes out. Or maybe a pergola to generate 40% – 80% shade keeping the area cool, yet remaining bright and cheerful. Pergolas and patio covers also help to promote airflow which is always welcome on a hot day in Southern Georgia. Or maybe you’re looking to install a sun-room. Our certified installers will help guide you through the vast amount of choices such as window glass, window type, and size.
How do you want to define the exterior of your home? Should it be with a welcoming, open patio cover for air flow and just the right amount of shade? Or do you want to enclose it with a screened room for privacy and safety? Either way, Renaissance offers the best possible products when factoring in aesthetics, effectiveness, and affordability. That’s why they’re at the top and that’s why they’re a 912 certified manufacturer.